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Joe Ginsberg

Joe Ginsberg Design

Architecture, Design-Build and Fabrication

Joe Ginsberg is an integral member of the Morgensheer Hospitality Consortium platform, working closely with the Consortium’s development team to realize the overall goals of investors.

Joe Ginsberg Design, an award-winning New York-based architectural design-build firm, provides a wide range of services from architecture, interior design, construction, historic preservation, fabrication and all architectural details.

Joe specializes in interior design and custom fabrication, including all metals, glass, wood, artisan plaster and cementitious material applications. He has moved the borders of interior design across the fields of art, textile, material innovation, inventive custom applications, fabrication and furniture design. The “fusion of innovative architectural design and artisan technique” a unique architectural interior design process Joe has perfected, provides superior aesthetic enhancing the overall guest experience, ultimately creating value and ROI for the investor.

His exceptional visionary approach to design has proven to be a true asset to hoteliers, developers and investors in real estate in both the hospitality and residential sectors. Joe‘s background and formal training in design, art, color science, custom fabrication and architectural details, along with two decades of technical experience and experimentation has allowed him to create with thoughtful ingenuity. Guided by color and light, he integrates the organic elements of nature with the texture of everyday life, producing unpretentious interiors which are functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Joe’s portfolio includes award-winning custom projects, from boutique hotels such as Marmara Park Avenue Hotel and Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City; and critically-acclaimed Sirio Restaurant.  Additionally, Joe has executed projects for luxury retail brands Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior.

The hallmark of Joe Ginsberg’s approach to architectural interior design is the incorporation of his specialization in the development of custom materials and fabrication. Each project carries the heart of an artisan designer which can be felt when you enter his interiors. As an architectural design-build firm, Joe Ginsberg seamlessly fuses architecture and interior design with fabrication, while guiding his clients through the development, making the process an intimate collaboration. Joe Ginsberg intuitively and precisely interprets clients’ objectives, and elevates their vision to yield the ultimate translation of their requirements.

“Our commitment to outstanding service and architectural details can be found in our design, innovation, artisanship and material expertise. It is the hallmark of our approach to maximizing the guests’ experience while realizing return on investment.”


  • Marmara Park Avenue Hotel, New York, NY

  • NV Nightclub, Hamptons, NY

  • Tsunami Restaurant, Hamptons, NY

  • Merchants Bar and Grill, New York, NY

  • Gramercy Park Hotel, New York, NY

  • Sirio Restaurant, New York, NY


  • 25th Street Lobby, New York, NY

  • Christian Dior, New York, NY

  • Donna Karan, New York, NY

  • Calvin Klein, New York, NY

  • Sony, New York, NY

  • IZOD, New York, NY


  • Architecture|Interior Design

  • Design Concept|Planning

  • Fabrication|Architectural Details

  • Construction Project Management

  • Interior Finishes|Furnishings|Equipment

  • Custom Furniture Design|Furniture Layouts