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Trevor Stuart-Hill

Revenue Management

Trevor Stuart-Hill provides Revenue Management services to the consortium’s clients.  Trevor is the founder and president of Revenue Matters.  He sets the cultural course, provides the strategic direction and oversees the performance for each of Revenue Matters’ three operating groups.  He co-authored the first college-level textbook on the subject of revenue management that is currently being used for teaching this discipline around the world. 

He was a founding member of the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International’s (HSMAI) Revenue Management Advisory Board and is an active member of both the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) and International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC).  In previous corporate level roles, Trevor defined revenue management strategies, including developing pricing and distribution approaches for both Sage Hospitality Resources and Destination Hotels & Resorts.  Prior to forming Revenue Matters in 2009, Trevor was primarily responsible for the account management function for the Americas Region at Sabre Hospitality Solutions.

Revenue Matters distinguishes itself by adopting an impactful methodology and holistic approach to optimizing total property performance for clients.  Applications include providing directional guidance and/or full-service hands-on support during each step of the revenue optimization cycle.  The team has extensive experience in tailoring solutions relating to Property Reviews and Performance Diagnostics, Revenue Management Support, Pricing, Distribution, Marketing, Social Media and Executive Education.  Services offered:

  • Revenue Management

  • Distribution Reviews

  • Education and Mentoring

  • Digital Media Ads and Graphic Design

  • Email / Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Social Media Engagement