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Leisure Partners

Mexico and Central America

Leisure Partners provides comprehensive services to Morgensheer Hospitality Inc.'s investors and resort developers in the evaluation, acquisition, execution and asset management of hotel resorts and travel & tourism Real-Estate projects.

Through its founding partners, John McCarthy and Gustavo Ripol, the company has more than 30 years of experience with successful results in the Mexican hospitality and tourism oriented Real-Estate, both in the private and public sectors.

Leisure Partners has worked with important companies and governments as consultant and advisor in multiple hospitality projects, among them:

  • Westin Hotels & Resorts


  • Fonatur

  • ICA

  • IBIS Hotels

  • Villavera

  • Pacific Resort (Ixtapa)

  • Iberdrola (Immobiliaria)

Services Provided:

  • Project Planning

  • Feasibility Analysis/Property Valuation

  • Business Plan Integration

  • Hotel Brand/Manager Search and Negotiation

  • Capital Procurement (Local)/Equity Raising

  • Financial Modeling

  • Investment Memorandum Preparation

  • Debt Procurement (Local Development Banks)

  • Legal/Tax Structure

Construction Project Management

  • Quoting/Contractor Selection

  • Construction Coordination/Quality Oversight

  • Accounting and Reporting

  • Tax Refund Applications

  • Post-Delivery Warranty follow-up

Asset Management

  • Planning and Operation Oversight

  • Capital Expenditures/Replacement Reserve Management

  • Legal/Labor Strategy Coordination; Contractual Compliance Oversight

  • Accounting, Audit/Tax Compliance Oversight