Marjorie Feltus Hawkins

Architecture and Interior Design

Marjorie is co-founder of FH Design, an award-winning interior architectural design firm that creates synergy between interiors and architecture that inspires and excites. She provides architecture and interior design consultancy services to Morgensheer Hospitality Inc.’s clients seeking to develop, convert or renovate hospitality assets covering all categories from budget to deluxe, boutique and five-star luxury.

Under Marjorie’s leadership, FH Design delivers innovative solutions that reflect each client’s culture, mission, and brand.  From brand creativity/identity to architecture, interior architectural design, project management, furnishings, finishes, accessory selections, and procurement, we excel at managing extraordinarily complex projects down to the minute detail. 

Successful design starts with a precise brand strategy.  FH Design is more than a hospitality company. Their approach is to take a deep dive into each client’s overall goals, history, audiences, and passion. This allows the design to tell the clients’ brand story through unique environments that reflect client culture, support staff and processes, advance long-term strategy, and differentiate space that communicates corporate identity, making each property competitive.

FH Design is led by a successful husband-and-wife team and the family values are reflected throughout the company. Each and every client and project are extremely important and treated as family. The team consists of best-in-class architects and designers with diverse experiences to bring customized and creative solutions to each challenge. FH Design’s success was built upon principal involvement and senior leadership involvement and attention is still a hallmark of its success today, resulting in the majority client relationships being long-term.

Thirty six years, more than 2,000 clients, and a hospitality, commercial, and multi-family portfolio has taught the company that exceptional design cannot exist for its own sake – it has to drive business, translate into ROI, and provide an experience for guests. FH Design’s hospitality clients range from boutique to independent to brand hotels, each seeking their own identity.